What is DeliverZero?

DeliverZero is an environmentally responsible way to order delivery or takeout. When you order from a restaurant through DeliverZero, the restaurant provides the food in reusable takeout containers. 


How do I order food?

Choose a restaurant and select menu items to place in your cart. 


How much does it cost?

As long as you return the reusable containers within 6 weeks of receiving them, we don't charge you for them. If you don't return the containers within 6 weeks, you can keep them and you will be charged €3,00-€5,00 (depending on size and type of container) plus VAT per container. Food prices are on the individual restaurants' menus on our site; some restaurants also charge a delivery or pickup fee, which is also on their menu.


How do I return the reusable containers?

You can return them to any DeliverZero restaurant; just let them know you're coming by logging into your account and clicking on Manage Boxes.


Do I have to wash the reusable containers?

Out of courtesy for the restaurant that receives your containers, please give them a rinse. There should be no food residue on a container when you return it. Once they arrive at the restaurant, they will be cleaned and sanitized.


How much time do I get to return the reusable containers?

You can keep a container for up to 6 weeks before you are charged for them. We'll send you reminders to return the containers. 


Tell me about the reusable containers.

The containers are made out of sturdy, highly durable polypropylene (plastic). They can be used to reheat food in the microwave at low temperatures, are dishwasher-safe, and can hold very hot liquids; and they are 100% BPA free.  The containers typically last well over 1,000 uses (we retire a container if it chips or breaks). After that, they are recycled. In addition, the containers carry a certification by NSF International -- the independent public-health organization that certifies the cooking equipment used by restaurant kitchens.  The containers are manufactured by G.E.T. Enterprises, Inc.; they include products EC-07-1, EC-11-1, and EC-13-1.


Tell me about the environmental benefits.

The containers typically last well over 1,000 uses. That eliminates the emissions and waste from over 1,000 manufacturing processes.

This is way better than even conventional recycling. Recycling generates as much as 67% of the emissions of virgin-material manufacturing, because of the energy used in processing old materials and re-manufacturing. By contrast, DeliverZero eliminates all downstream production emissions. 

Reusing our containers also saves tremendous transportation energy. Single-use containers travel long distances from factory to restaurant to customer to dump. Our containers circulate locally among restaurants and diners, usually just within one neighborhood. Though our containers are made abroad (in China and Taiwan), they are lightweight and travel here by cargo ship, a fuel-efficient journey more than made up for by the reductions in car and truck emissions.  


Do you use reusable bags?

Not yet. We’re able to reduce food delivery waste by leveraging the existing dishwasher capacity of our restaurant partners. In order to deliver your orders in reusable bags, we’d have to create an energy-intensive infrastructure to wash a relatively small number of bags. As we scale, this will change. 

When we reach the point where the number of one-time-use bags used to fulfill our orders creates more environmental impact than the reusable bag laundering process, we will begin delivering orders in reusable bags.


How do I contact you?

Email us at hello@deliverzero.nl, or call +31 619 2420 89


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