"How can we help?" It all started with this simple question.

Ozarka, the Netherlands's leader in reusable food containers, had been distributing their containers through restaurant and catering partners. Our goal is to constantly add new features and services to help horeca go waste-free. So we decided to help our partners by launching an online food ordering platform. Our platform would prevent the creation of additional waste by packaging customer orders in reusable containers. And our commission would leave more money in the pockets of our restaurant partners.

So we teamed up with DeliverZero, a New York-based company already operating a successful online platform offering takeaway and delivery in reusable containers. We knew their service is great for consumers, for restaurants, and for the environment. And we knew that same service would be a welcome change to the Dutch takeaway and delivery market. Now we can all enjoy delicious food in sustainable packaging.

It’s as easy as ordering through those other food takeaway and delivery platforms. The difference? Your food is placed in reusable containers. Return the containers to any DeliverZero restaurant. It’s that simple.

— Beth and Michael


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